On 14 August, 2019, all participants of the YGL-Water 2019 traveled through the Vientiane Plain to the Nam Ngum-1 Hydropower Plant, which is located around 90KM to the north of Vientiane Capital City.

In the meeting room of the Hydropower Station, Mr. Sisawad Xayyasith, an EDL-GEN staff, gave a video presentation to all the participants to introduce the Nam Ngum-1 Hydropower Plant. He pointed out that the Nam Ngum-1 Hydropower Plant was built on the Nam Ngum River, one of the major rivers in Laos. In the presentation, the 5 development phases, as well as other technical details about the Nam Ngum-1 Hydropower Plan, were introduced. A short Q&A session was arranged after the presentation.

After the video presentation, Mr. Sisawad led the participants to the control room of the Hydropower Plant. Then, all participants walked to the dam to have an all-round view of the Hydropower Plants as well as the Nam Ngum River.

(By Tianshan Zeng, Hong Gao, Xingye Han, Jiaqi Bian, Xiaohua Fu, Xin Li )