On Aug 15, 2019, The YGL-Water 2019 participants visited the National University of Laos (NUL). In the lecture hall, Associate professor Phouphet KYOPHILAVONG, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Management, made a welcome speech to all the participants. Then, Prof. Saykham SITHAVONG, Deputy-Head of Irrigation Department in Faculty of Water Resources (FWR), gave a brief introduction about NUL and FWR. Prof. SITHAVONG also presented some of the projects he has undertaken in the past several years. He highlighted the project of assessing the climate change impact on irrigation for Laos in 2018. The YGL-Water 2019 participants showed great interest and exchanged ideas with the professors.

(By Tianshan Zeng, Hong Gao, Xingye Han, Jiaqi Bian, Xiaohua Fu, Xin Li )