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The College of Hydrology and Water Resources (CHWR), Hohai University was initially built upon the Department of Hydrology (the very first of its kind in China) in 1952 founded by famous hydrologists including Professors Guangwen Liu, Shunong Zhang, Chengxi Shi, Bingru Ye and Renjun Zhao. It was renamed Department of Water Resources and Hydrology in 1984 and College of Hydrology-Water Resources and Environment in 1995. Since 2007 it has been renamed College of Hydrology and Water Resources.

CHWR set up the very first land hydrology bachelor degree program in China in 1954 and started to train graduate students in 1955. In 1981, CHWR became one of the first Chinese Universities authorized to grant Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees at the same time. The hydrology and water resources discipline of CHWR has become a National Key Discipline since 1988. CHWR played a leading role in founding the National Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering in 2004 and the National Engineering selected as a Discipline Innovation and Research Base on Hydrology and Water Resources by MoE and SAFEA, China. In the same year, CHWR was approved to build the National Innovation Platform for Superior Subject in Global Water Cycle and National Water Safety.


CHWR has three departments: Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Department of Water Engineering, and Department of Urban Resources and Environment. Additionally, it has 11 research institutes: Institute for Hydrological Forecasting, Institute for Engineering Hydrology and Hydrometeorology, Institute for Water Resources, Institute for Hydrological Informatics and Automated Survey, Institute for Urban Water Engineering, Institute for Water Ecological Environment, Sino-German Institute of Water Resources, Research Center for Global Changes and Water Cycle, Research Center for Plain River and Lake Hydrology, Institute of Water Problems, and Institute of International Rivers. Due to the excellent reputation and capacity of CHWR, UNESCO set up the UNESCO International Training and Research Center of Hydrology-Water Resources and Environment at Hohai University in 1997.


(By Kai Meng)

To date, CHWR has 118 faculty members, including 5 dual-employed academicians, 41 full professors, and 43 associate professors. Additionally, five professors are recipients of Government Special Subsidy of The State Council of China, one awarded Young and Middle-Aged Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innovators by Chinese Ministry of Science and Education, one supported by Hundred Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, five awarded Baosteel Excellent Teacherships, and four awarded Provincial Excellent Teacherships. The CHWR faculty has also formed one Chang Jiang Scholar Innovation Group supported by Chinese Ministry of Education, one Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group supported by Jiangsu Provincial Government.


Nowadays, it has one postdoctoral station, three water-related doctoral programs (hydrology and water resources, urban water affairs, and ecological water conservancy), five Master's degree programs (hydrology and water resources, urban water affairs, ecological water conservancy, physical geography, and human geography), and three Bachelors' degree programs (hydrology and water resources engineering, water engineering and resources environment, and urban and rural planning and management). Among its curriculum, "Engineering Hydrology”, “Hydrological Statistics", "Water Resources and Modern Water Conservancy", "Introduction to Hydraulic Engineering", and "Understanding Groundwater" have been named National Excellent Open Courses. "Water Information Collecting and Processing" and "Groundwater Hydrology" are awarded National Bilingual Model Courses. Moreover, CHWR owns several national level undergraduate teaching and practice platforms including the National Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center for Hydraulic Engineering.


In the last five years, CHWR was awarded 1000+ research grants/projects with a total funding of ~0.45 billion RMB from the National Key Research and Development Program, the NSFC Major and Key Programs and the others. Meanwhile, faculty members published 900+ SCI/EI indexed papers and 50+ monographs/textbooks and won 2 national and 45 provincial scientific awards, while participated in a variety of international academic exchange programs 300+ person-times.


Through the years, CHWR consistently carries forward its fine traditions and keeps pace with times. It has formed a wide and comprehensive research spectrum spanning hydrology, water resources, aquatic environment, and 3S technologies among others. It owns a faculty with solid education backgrounds, diverse research areas, rich practical experiences, excellent international visions, and an optimized structure. CHWR continues conducting the cutting-edge researches and solving national key issues on water environment and water resources to support China's socioeconomic development. CHWR is proud of being among the world's best in hydrology and water resources.